Welcome to my website. I am proud to present you the novella series 'The Ashanti Tales'. One of the goals of this trilogy is to make people aware of the fact that there is a great need for improvement in historical education when it comes to the colonial past. This is especially important at this time. Knowledge can ensure that certain groups reach a better understanding, both intellectually and emotionally. Today's multiculturalism  is partly a result of the colonial past and is regarded by many as problematic. The lack of harmonization (within various societies, including Western ones) has a number of foundations that should be clearly described. Knowledge and the correct application of this can counteract such problems. Below and in the prologue follows a description of my short story series and the goals and interests it represents.

In my novellas the story of a Surinamese immigrant named Waka Nikomo is described. A Creole man who, after a number of severe trials, goes in search of the reasons for his personal suffering. Nikomo is adviced by 2 Winti Masters (Bonuman Babajide and Mazra Basu) and a Christian priest he meets in Afrikakondre (Africa, Sranan Tongo) brother Samuel. According to the Winti Masters, Nikomo has an important mission. They tell him that his life is subject to a wisi (curse) [wiesie] that was once pronounced on him in an earlier life, the body he then had was cursed using Winti magic. Waka Nikomo's assignment is to find the remains of the body he had in that former life in order to lift the curse. For this, according to the Winti Masters, he has to return to the continent where his ancestors once lived, Africa. What ensues is a long and arduous search that leads to places that played an important role in the slavery period.
A period that should be extensively discussed and described and should therefore be a very important topic in contemporary education. The consequences of the mass deportation of the African peoples are described by the characters in this story. I hope that the knowledge that flows from this story will sink deep into many. On my website you will find a number of passages from my novella series as well as a selection of my stories, articles and oral presentations.


Sunil Siwpersad
"Toriman" (Narrator, pseudonym)

"I dedicate this series of short stories mainly to those who endured the many hardships that characterized the slavery period, as well as to their descendants whose life history was to be changed forever. I also dedicate this book to the colonizers and their descendants. May knowledge and the achievement of an honest description of human history contribute to the mutual harmony that should emerge and the pursuit of common happiness. In a personal sense I also dedicate this work to my son Arjuna Ajodhiapersad Siwpersad My mother the late Aisa Siwpersad Kasimbeg. My father the late Mr. Jacob Ajodhiapersad Siwpersad and my brother the late Widjai Samuel Siwpersad".

“Back to Ashanti" by Sunil Siwpersad
“A pen drenched in tears, a testimony signed in blood.”