The following words come from the Surinamese official language, 'Sranang Tongo'. This glossary finds application in the story 'The Ashanti Tales'. This mostly concerns spiritual concepts.

aboma                           boa
abongra                        sesame seed used in rites
abrawatra                    overseas
adawra                         instrument
adja                               term for the Kromanti gods
adjersi tori                    example, told on the last night of the watch
adjida                            sacred drum
adjida-winti                  another name for the Aisa
adjosi                             hello or goodbye
adonsawa                   menstruation
adumankama              lower forest god
adupi                            Bakru, consort of Akantamasi
abbreviation                idolatry
aisa                                the goddess of the earth
aite-de                           the eighth day, the last day of the watch
akantamasi                  lower forest god who lives in a termite nest
akolo                             another name for the lower forest god Amasi
aksi sopi                        gin, gift to the parents of a girl who is proposed to
amafu                            an obia consisting of herbs/akantamasi
amasi-godo                   termite nest, where the god Amasi dwells
ananka Jaw                   other name for the god Opete
anansi-tori                    stories told on the last night of the vigil
anjisa                              headscarf
apinti                             treble drum
apuku                             minor forest god and servant of Aisa
apuku wiwiri                 herbs used in injuring the Apuku
aradi Kromanti             god of the sky
asi                                   horse, being ridden by a deity
asramani Kromanti     god of the realm of the dead and one of the gods of the sky
atando                            a sky god
ati                                   heart
avodu                             snakes in which Aisa and Loko manifest themselves
avrekete                         the female leba
awese Kromanti           one of the gods of the sky
baka Busi Mama          an Aisa who lives in the forest
baka-kasaba                  cassava flour flat cakes
bakru                              lower god
bakuku                           ancestral spirits
basi                                 priest, boss
basi-winti                      the most powerful obia of an obiaman
basja                              a slave who worked as an overseer for his slave master
bas-moni                       bonoman's fee
basu                               brilliant
batai                              assistant to a cleric
bedji                              location where one directs one's prayers to the ancestral spirits and the gods
bere                               belly or large family
bere bonu                     ritual in which one of the family members is possessed by a supernatural being. The goal is
                                        to cure diseases in the whole family
bere-pre                         dance ritual for an extended and flourishing family
bere-winti                      family gods
bifo-obia                        an initiation ritual that one underwent before being shipped to Suriname as a slave 
bigi-futu                       elephantiasis
block malt                     flour cake, snack on the last day of the watch
bodjaw                           herbal baths
buoy                               arm ring with magic power
bon-kindi                       aerial roots of a tree (including the Waringin tree)
bonu-man                      priest
bosu                               the man of the Aisa of the water
brafu                              soup
broko-dee                       dance ritual for the gods and the spirits that lasts until the dawn
bumba                           forest god
bun-see                         the good side of a supernatural being
busi Apuku                 forest god
busi-Indji                     Indian gods who reside in the forest
busi-Mama                 forest monster
busi-winti                    gods who dwell in the forest
busidji                         a forest god
busuntji                       Kromanti water gods
daggu                          dog, bitch
dabra-Awese              name of an Aisa
daguwe                      a goddess of the earth/a serpent
dede-kondre               the afterlife
dede-oso                     vigil, place where a dead person is laid out

didibri                       particularly evil supernatural beings/demons
dji, tji, yi                    supernatural being
djodjo                        the guardian spirits of someone or their supernatural parents
djodjo-paiman         food for the djodjo after the purification ritual of the kra (soul) or jewelry for the djodjo
djumbi                      wandering spirit or spirit of a deceased who does not yet realize that he is dead
dofo-kampu            priestly hut
dribi-watra              purification bath
duman                      priest
ede-man                   village chief
fedi                           death
fesi-man                   the one who collected the money when buying a plantation
firi-winti                 calling up a profen or winti to inquire which family member  has been possessed by the Aisa
fyofyo                      conflict of the spirits and the gods with the progeny/the progenitor is dissatisfied with his                                                        progeny
fyofyo-watra           purification bath to break the fyofyo
futu-boi                    servant
gebri Kromanti       war god
gisri Kromanti        sky god (Sofia-Bada)
gron Indji                Indian gods who live underground
gron-Winti              Aisa or the gods of the earth pantheon
hebi-watra              purification bath
indji-poku                music for indian gods
indji-winti               Indian gods
jampanesi krosi      Javanese clothes, clothes in the colors of the papa-winti
jeje                           soul
jorka                       a spirit that continues to assume its earthly form and haunts
jorka-beri                a funeral procession of ghosts that already accompanies the ghost of a person who will die in the short term to the graveyard
jorka-fyo fyo           the progenitor or mother is confused with his offspring
jorka-pree               dance ritual for the jorkas
jorka-tafra              meal for the jorkas
kabra                       ancestral spirit that heads the bere (family)
kabra-tafra             meal prepared for the ancestral spirits
kaklakka                 cockroach
kankansumani       almighty
kartiki Bakru         statuette made of an empty corn cob or wood, symbolizing the lower god Bakru
kaser sowtu            unrefined salt used to ward off the “evil eye”
kaser watra            purification bath
kaseri                     purify; keep pure; whitening with pemba
kasripo                    syrup similar to soy sauce cooked from the juice of bitter manioc
katibo                      slavery
kawina                    cylindrical drum
kiri-daguwe            the phenomenon that supernatural powers are inherited by the progeny of the one who killed the          
koko                        head (spiritual understanding)
kondre-bonu-man  the healer who is at the service of the whole village
kondre-njanjan       meal for the village gods
kondre-pori             a religious crisis in the village
kondre-pré              dance ritual for the village gods
confo                       collective term
krasi                       itching
scratch tentje               female person subject to a high degree of promiscuity
law                         insane
luku                         look
mbaya                     title for an older gentleman
motyo                      whore
nownow                 now
obia                         magical remedy composed of herbs
obiaman                  healer who, in collaboration with the wintry spirits, assembles a magical remedy (obia)
owrukuku               owl
patu                         pot/pot
pemba doti              white clay
prati                         separation ritual
sneki                         snake
tongo                        language
umapikin                  princess little girl
wasi                          ritual ablution
wiri                           herbs
wisi-man                  priest who masters the incantations
yere                          listen
zaka zaka                low to the ground

sources: Wortubuku fu Sranang Tongo, SIL International / Winti, an Afro-American religion in Suriname by Dr. C. Wooding.